Ildhafn campsite

Part singing - Sicut cervus

Sicut Cervus is a glorious part-song by Palestrina. This rehearsal is aimed at people who are comfortable singing part-music from score (though you don't have to be able to sight-read). 

The idea is to practice Sicut Cervus thoroughly (learning parts from scratch if necessary) so we can sing confidently at All Comers' Chorus ... and maybe even Half Circle Theatre.

We'll be singing at the original pitch (starting on F, a tone lower than in the Lochac Snog Book). You'll still be able to use the Snog Book if singing a tone lower doesn't bother you.

Beginner's singing

You're welcome regardless of skill - beginner or old hand, think you're a pro or sure you can't hold a tune. 

Exactly what we do will depend a little on the day and who comes. Likely songs are

  • O my heart (a simple, sad three-part song written by King Henry VIII of England)
  • Alle Psallite (really fun medieval piece, with two fancy-ish top lines, and a glorious bass that anyone can sing)
  • Laudemus virginem (a simple round from the 14thC "Red book of Montserrat")


All Comers Chorus

Greetings, singers!
You are all invited, as always, to join the All Comers' Chorus.
The first principle of the Chorus is "More singing! Less wrangling!".
To that end - please send me your requests.
Suitable songs are
- written before 1600 (ish), or in a similar style
- suitable for part-singing
- well-known to at enough people to cover the parts and/or easy enough to sight-read