Shelter - Accommodation options

You can camp in a tent, book a (shared) bunkroom, or stay off-site and day-trip.

Bunk rooms

Indoor accommodation at the Canterbury Faire site is in the form of bunk rooms situated in the two main buildings, and a number of smaller units scattered around the site.  Most bunk rooms contain 4-11 beds.  The smaller bunk rooms will be allocated to families and people who prefer quieter evenings.  The larger bunk rooms will be allocated to others.

Bunkrooms should be booked on your booking form.  There is an extra cost. 

For the bunk rooms, beds and mattresses are supplied, other bedding is your responsibility.  Assistance for travellers may be possible, please ask the billeting steward via


There's ample space for camping.

Several large areas are available for common camping - everyone is welcome, just choose your spot.

Other areas are reserved for specific encampments, negotiated with the stewards.  Different encampments have different approaches - some are close friends who only invite people they know well, others are much more open.  It's best just to ask (before the event).  If you and your group would like to have a space set aside for your encampment, please get in touch with the stewards. 

Rules for tents

  • All tent guy-ropes must be marked with material visible at night (e.g. white pennants or cloth)
  • Fire buckets are required (see fire rules and regulations for details)
  • Camp in the common areas, or in an encampment that you've confirmed with the stewards 

Tents for hire

Tents are available for hire.  They're smallish canvas A-frames, and will accommodate 1-2 SCA people plus gear.  These tents do not have fitted floors but thankfully New Zealand has no snakes, scorpions or fire ants and no commonly encountered venomous spiders, making a fitted floor less necessary.  You will need to provide your own ground sheets and bedding (see above for hire mattresses).  You can book these on the booking form, for a nominal extra cost.

Mattresses for hire

A limited number of hire mattresses are available for those staying in tents in bunk rooms.  First preference given for these hire mattresses will be given to attendees coming from outside the Barony.  You can book these on the booking form, for a nominal extra cost.


Billeting arrangements in Christchurch before and after the Faire can usually be made.