Bookings, Payment and Cancellations


To book for Canterbury Faire please use our secure booking form

Please note the booking and payment policy differs from previous years, and may well differ in subsequent years.

Booking and Payment Policy (2022)

Unlike previous years we do not require payment to confirm your booking. You can pay any time, including at the event itself. We do still want to encourage anyone that is certain of their attendance to pay in advance if possible, as this helps reduce time required at the gate. We will have an EFTPOS machine so will be able to take credit and debit card payments, in order to reduce cash handling. If you are paying at the gate we would ask you to use this option so that we can keep cash handling to the absolute minimum.

Please note that paying by credit card will incur a transaction fee. This is simply the credit card company's surcharge. Debit cards will not incur a fee.

About 4 weeks out from the event we will be contacting everyone that has booked but not yet paid just to confirm they are still planning on coming. This is mostly to help confirm numbers for the meal plan and feast, and to allow us to re-sell feast tickets if these have been booked by people that can no longer attend.


If you have booked for the feast or meal plan you may cancel up the 20th December, and if you've paid already we'll arrange a full refund. If you need to cancel after that date then we'll refund as much as we can, adjusted for any spending on food already committed

If you haven't booked for any food then you can cancel at any time and get a full refund. We'd really appreciate cancellations occur earlier than 1 week out from the event to avoid last minute rushes in administration

So if you're planning to come - or hoping to be able to plan to come! - we encourage you to book, in the knowledge that if you have to cancel, we'll make that as painless as possible.

Event Cancellation Details (2022)

The stewards have determined the following event cancellation policy in light of COVID-19:
1) If the event site is under Alert Level 2 at the time of the event, Canterbury Faire 2021 will be cancelled. As we will be limited to 100 people on site and interest will likely mean numbers will be less than that, the stewards feel the event will no longer be the Canterbury Faire that everybody expects, and to risk the health of everyone attending would be unconscionable.

2) We have determined decision point dates in December at which a go/no-go decision will be made based on the current alert level. If however Alert level 3 or 4 is initiated at any time between now and the event, the event will be cancelled as the timeline for returning to alert level 1 in time for the event is sufficiently unlikely.

3) In the case of cancellation, all monies received will be refunded as soon as possible.