On Arrival

Entry to Site for CF 2023

Site opens at 1pm (if we are able to open earlier, we will provide an update) and arrival on site (during the opening weekend) will be only via the top driveway off Darnley Road. Partway down the drive will be a Gate sign in stand, staffed by one of the Stewarding team. Here you will also receive your site token, which you must keep on you at all times during Faire.

Once you have signed in, if you leave site and then return, please present your token to pass through the Gate.

The full Gate tent will be setup from approximately noon on the opening Sunday and here you will be able to complete the following sign in activities:
- Payment
- Pickup of pre-ordered Tshirts & bags
- Pickup of CF booklet
- Signup for Volunteer tasks

If you are arriving on site after the opening weekend, then please go immediately to the Gate location. Someone who has already signed in will summon a Steward team member to sign you in – PLEASE WAIT AT THE GATE TENT and do not wander around site until you have been signed in.


PLEASE NOTE - the Postern gate to the car park and site will be locked for security reasons during the event. The combination for the 4 digit lock is 1 6 0 0. A reminder notice will be posted at the Mangy Mongol. Please remember to lock the gate behind you.


Canterbury Faire runs on the strength of its volunteers. There are many activities that can only take place if we have marshals, lists officers, heralds, cooks, and helpers of all kinds. When signing in at the gate, you will be asked if you would like to volunteer for any of these tasks. There will be a list of pre-planned tasks with the days and times that people are required. We encourage everyone to contribute what time they can to help make the event wonderful.

Sign-up sheets for much needed volunteers will also be at Gate, as will timetables, information about Arts & Sciences classes/workshops and the Lost Property storage.