Rules and Regulations

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: If you have an emergency that requires Emergency Services, call 111. For lesser incidents requiring medical attention etc, go to the gate house or the Mangy Mongol and seek the Day Steward, Chirugeon, or Constable.

General rules

The SCA Ltd (NZ)  Code of Conduct, Privacy, and Bullying and Harrassment Policies can be found here

Fire regulations

These are kept on a separate page


  • Do NOT come into the kitchen AT ALL if you feel unwell.
  • Kitchens are a work space.  Only people involved with food prep or serving will be admitted.
  • Children under 12 are to be supervised at ALL times.
  • Safe hygiene practises should be followed at all times. 
  • Hands should be washed and sanitised upon entering the kitchen. 
  • Closed toe footwear and appropriate clothing shall be worn. 
  • Hair (including beards) shall be covered if possible, or tied back if long enough to do so. 
  • Masks and gloves to be worn for serving.

The main kitchen and walk-in chiller are for the meal plan and feast only.  The Tui Lodge and Training Centre kitchens are available for anyone else to use.  Please be considerate, clean up promptly after use & do not remove equipment.  Be careful not to disrupt A&S classes.



We have confirmed with the site operators that glass may be left on site and does not need to be taken home with you. Glass must be separated from other rubbish and placed in the Glass Only containers as it is disposed of differently to other rubbish.  Alcohol containers are allowed to be left on site like all other rubbish.

We like to leave an event site cleaner than we found it, so please help us to do so. Many hands make light work for all.


The SCA Ltd (NZ) Policy on Children and Young People can be found here 

Children are welcome to participate in all non-combat activities at Canterbury Faire to their own level.  Parents are expected to know where their children are at all times and ensure that they participate in a safe manner.  In particular children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times in the following areas: 

  • any of the kitchens 
  • at the play equipment 
  • at the swimming hole 
  • near animals 

A responsible adult is one who is knowingly looking after the children - not just any adult who happens to be in the same area. 

If your child is old enough, teach them that the command of "Hold" means to stop immediately, and that they must obey the commands of the Constable or Marshals. Also tell them who or where they can go to if they get lost, hurt or in trouble (i.e. Constable, Heralds, Chirugeon). 

The health and safety of your children at the Faire is your responsibility.

Play Equipment

Children on the play equipment should have adult supervision at all times.  Suitable clothing /footwear is to be worn.  Only ONE person on trampoline at a time.  No shoes to be worn on trampolines.  Those waiting for turn on the trampoline must remain on outside of designated area.  Only ONE person on the rope swing at a time.  The Abseiling wall is out of bounds. 

Swimming Hole

This is a busy public swimming hole so appropriate bathing attire is required.  There must be adult supervision of children at all times. Check the water before diving or jumping into the pool.  Please respect the rights of other users.  No fires.  No animals.  Please do not leave litter on the riverbank. 


Except during set up/take down at the beginning and end of the event, cars will not be permitted in the camping area. Please ensure that your car is locked while unattended as the public do have access to the site.  Motorised vehicles are to adhere to speed limits within camp (10 km/h).

Apart from specialist emergency vehicles, cars are not allowed within the event area during the main part of the event, so after unloading your equipment and belongings, please re-locate your vehicle to the Wagon Park. 

Site Regulations

The following regulations are those of the Waipara Adventure Centre, and form part of the conditions of our use of this site.

  1. There is a general prohibition on keeping or using on site of alcoholic beverages, animals and firearms.  NOTE: The camp management may issue a permit to vary any of these prohibitions subject to strict adherence to some very specific written conditions.  (By kind permission of the site owners, we have been given special permission to bring alcohol on to the site if consumed in moderation, and discreetly.  Minors will not consume alcohol on site.  Any minors found drinking or intoxicated or any person supplying minors with alcohol will be required to leave the site.) 
  2. Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings and butts are to be disposed of in an appropriate and safe manner. 
  3. No open fires are to be lit on site.  Only gas or liquid fuelled barbecues may be used.  (We have special permission for fires under certain conditions - please see the fire regulations for details.
  4. Occupants will not dig tent drains or cut trees or shrubs without the specific permission of the camp management. 
  5. Campers and their visitors must understand and comply with their group's Risk Management plan (see Site Rules above) 

Conditions of Hire

  1. In the interests of maintaining The Waipara Adventure Centre’s good name in the district, hiring groups are required to have an appropriate standard of behaviour in any activity which may impinge on the rights of neighbours. 
  2. The Sure and Stedfast Development Trust which manages the property reserves the right to decline any application. 
  3. Bookings will only be confirmed on the payment of a deposit.  The deposit is non-refundable if a replacement booking is not subsequently made. 
  4. The camp management has the right to cancel a booking and refund the deposit should any circumstances arise in which they judge it would be unsafe for any group to occupy the site. 
  5. All people on the site are required to abide by any instructions given by the camp management.  This includes requests to provide access to tradepersons to carry out necessary maintenance.  It is a requirement of the departing group at the termination of their hire to clean the site to the satisfaction of the camp management.  Full instructions are listed in the Camp Information booklet.  If the cleaning is not adequate to the extent that commercial cleaners are required the costs incurred will be charged to the hirer. 
  6. The costs of repairs due to wilful damage, broken window, defacing of walls etc, that are attributable to the occupying group, will be charged to the hirer. 
  7. The camp management takes all reasonable care to maintain the property and equipment in a safe condition.  Any potential hazards are to be reported to the camp warden immediately. 
  8. All groups using the site shall develop their own unique plan for the management of risk to their members while on the property.  Attention is drawn to the FIRE EVACUATION document and the RISK MANAGEMENT SUGGESTIONS formulated by THE BOYS BRIGADE WAIPARA RIVERSIDE PARK Management. 
  9. The occupying group must keep an accurate list of names of people on the site each night and be able to give a copy to the camp management at the end of camp or in the case of an emergency. 
  10. Any injuries or sickness incurring on the site which requires off site treatment (other than precautionary doctors visits) are to be reported in writing the camp management as soon as possible after the event.