Main hall

Newcomers Tour

Is this your first Canterbury Faire? We are organising a walking tour of some of the main features of the site and the Faire itself. Come along to learn some useful tips and info for making your first Faire an excellent one! 

Meeting by the Main Hall following the Soup Kitchen.

Il Conto del’ Orco

Il Conto del’ Orco, being taught by Lady Enith.

This is one of the more elaborate dances being done at Thursday night's ball, so this practice is a good chance for those who are familiar with it (or learn very fast) to come along and polish your performance.

Ballo Ricardo

Master William de Cameron and Mistress Katherina Weyssin will be teaching Ballo Ricardo. 

This is a new dance in a 15th century Italian style.

Having danced Bassadanza Ginevra many times (with great pleasure!) in honour of her Excellency Baroness Ginevra, we wanted to create a dance for Baron Richard before he stepped down. So now we have a Ballo Ricardo to complement our Bassadanza Ginevra. We danced it first at last year's Canterbury Faire.