Ball list

Can I play the music?

Sheet music for the musicians will be available soon.

Can I dance this one?

*  = yes! jump on in, but best to find a partner who knows it (7 dances)

** = Have some idea on how it is danced, and find a partner who knows it, (8 dances)

*** = learn this before the ball: please watch if you don't know it already (4 dances)

Step descriptions and You Tube links for some of the dances can be found here, if you want to practice before the event.

Set 1

  • Mimed Bransle*
  • Gathering Peascods*
  • Petite Rose**
  • Dance de Cleves**

Set 2

  • Maltese Bransle*
  • Scotts Bransle*
  • Hearts Ease**
  • Rostiboli Giososo**
  • Spagnoletta***

Here there will be the tassel kick competition **. (This is a galliard competition where dancers try to kick a hanging tassel in an athletic and stylish way.)

Set 3

  • Prens en gre*
  • Queens Alman*
  • Jenny Pluck Pears*
  • Chiara Stella***

Here there will be a break, during which all are invited to refresh themselves.

Set 4

  • Rufty Tufty*
  • Temperans**
  • Belfiore**
  • Alescandresca***

Set 5

  • Amoroso**
  • Picking of sticks ***
  • Whirligig***