Want an encampment at Faire?

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Do you camp in a group at Canterbury Faire? Do you want an official Spot On The Map?

Please get in touch if
- your group includes at least 7 people
- you want to camp together at Canterbury Faire in 2021
- you're not already on the list of "official" encampments
- but you want to be

What do you get out of being an "official" encampment?
THIS year - we can set aside a space for you.
NEXT year - you can be added to the booking form, campsite map, and so on.
Generally, once a campsite is well-established it appears on the
booking form, so it's easy for the steward - and the people arranging
the campsite - to figure out who's going where. Campsites often stay
in the same place for a long time, and will generally be consulted
about any move (you don't always get what you want, but you do get a
It can be nice to have a name, and to be on the map (really - on the
map of the grounds, so people can see where you camp).

Do we have to?
No! There's plenty of space at Canterbury Faire, and lots of it is
commons - available for any who wish to camp there. You don't have to be on the booking form to camp with your friends or family - but you'll need to either camp in one of the common areas, or pre-arrange a suitable spot with the stewards before the event (which is what this email is about).

Do we have to be a household?
Nope. You have to be people who want to camp together - that's all.

Can people new to the SCA do this?
Yes. You just have to be people who want to camp together.

Do we have to know for sure who's coming/how many are coming?
Nope. Make a well-informed estimate.

Can we choose our own spot?
No, but you can ask! It certainly helps if you can tell us whether you
prefer loud or quiet, and whether you have any particular needs (such
as people who require power for medical equipment). We can't promise
anything - but we'll try.

Can we reserve part of the common area?
No. The common camping area is free for anyone - first in gets their
choice of spots. If you want to reserve a space, you do need to do
it as part of an encampment.

Count me in! Where do I sign up?
Please reply to this email, and include (inline below)
- name of contact person
- contact details (phone + email)
- name of group/encampment (you can change it later if you like)
- how many people you expect (list them if you like)
- prefer loud or quiet?
- other needs or preferences (water, power, toilets, stairs, playground etc)

Do I need to reply if my campsite was on the "official list" last year?
Nope. We've already contacted the groups who were on last year's booking form.

in service,
Katherina Weyssin, for the CF stewards


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