Bookings are open

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on Sun, 08/16/2020 - 21:10

Greetings All! 

We are pleased to announce a little ray of sunshine in these otherwise-cloudy times! Bookings for Canterbury Faire 2021 are now open and can be made at

When considering making your booking we would like you all to be aware of a few significant differences from previous years.

1) Change to Book and Pay policy

In previous years there has been a requirement to pay immediately to secure your booking. In light of the current uncertainties about travel, the 2021 stewards are taking a different approach in that payment can be made at any time up to and including at the gate. We do encourage people to pay in advance, and we will be contacting people that have booked for the event but not yet paid about a month out to confirm they are still coming. However if you have any doubt about your attendance, or just need extra time to pay, then it is not necessary until the event. To reduce cash handling requirements at the gate we will once again have EFTPOS available, which will accept debit and credit cards. Please note that a transaction fee will be added to your payment for credit card transactions (but not for debit cards).  

2) Discount for Financial Hardship

Due to generous reductions in site fees secured in no small part by the efforts of THL Raffe de Massard and a team of volunteers, we are able to offer a significant discount on site fees to anyone suffering financial hardship. This is a  NO QUESTIONS ASKED policy.  If for any reason you feel unable to pay the full site fee then just tick the box on the booking form for the discount and it will be applied to your total.

3) Breakfasts

Breakfasts are no longer included in the base site fees, but are an optional extra as part of the meal plan. This year you can choose to include breakfasts, lunches and/or dinners in your meal plan. This will allow us to plan breakfasts better and maybe include different breakfast options by knowing exactly how many people we are catering for.  

In related news: 

Volunteers Required

We are still looking for people to fill significant roles in the running of the event. These include:

  • Gate coordinator
  • Half Circle Theatre Organiser
  • Accommodation (billets) coordinator)
  • First Aid coordinator
  • Meal Plan cooks (menu can be provided for you)


If any of these roles sounds like your brand of hot beverage, please get in touch with the stewards by emailing

Website and Schedule Coming Soon

The website is currently being updated and more information will be coming online over the next couple of months. This will include the schedule as plans firm up for the various activities. Please hold off any questions about the timing of specific activities for a little while longer but feel free to check the website regularly for updates.

Opinions Sought on Potential Rescheduling

In light of the uncertainty around events, particularly with the changes to alert levels due to COVID-19 cases, the stewards are willing to examine any and all options about rescheduling the event if the worst was to happen. We are therefore asking for feedback on whether we should consider postponement rather than cancellation if NZ is in an alert level that would prevent the event from happening (ie anything higher than alert level 1), Please let us know by email ( what you think of this idea and whether you would be able to attend a postponed event.

Further details about the event will be announced in due course, but for now,


We are looking forward to seeing everyone once again!

Richard d'Allier

On behalf of the Canterbury Faire 2021 stewarding team