Volunteering for tasks at Canterbury Faire

Submitted by William de Cameron on Thu, 01/14/2021 - 19:44

Meal Plan - Those on the meal plan are required to staff the meal plan. The number of tasks required may vary from year to year depending on how the meal plan coordinator breaks tasks down and how many people are on the mean plan. In 2021 everyone on the meal plan will be required to do two meal plan tasks. This is in addition to any other volunteer tasks they wish to take on.

One difference in 2021 is that breakfast is now part of the meal plan rather than being open to everyone on site. For this reason, breakfast tasks are now on the meal plan list, rather than the general tasks list.

Those not on the meal plan are not required to do any meal plan tasks, however if you really want to you will likely not be turned away.

Due to site rules you have to be at least 12 years old to help in the kitchen.

Other Volunteer Tasks - In order to properly run all of the various activities and services required to make Faire run smoothly there are a large number of things that require volunteers. Without those volunteers, things won't happen and the event will be diminished as a result. Over the years volunteer tasks have been handled fairly inconsistently with things appearing on the chores list some years and not on other years. This doesn't mean that those things didn't happen, or that those that volunteered for them were appreciated any less. It's fair to say that some tasks have been inconsistently recognised however.

In 2021 we have tried to be as comprehensive with the volunteer tasks list as possible. It may therefore appear that there is more to do but in reality we've just tried to recognise and organise things more in advance rather than leaving it to chance on the day.

Everyone has varying degrees of capability to assist with the running of things. We do not require ANYONE to take on tasks they do not want to or feel unable to. That said, there is a certain amount of stuff that needs to be done to make the event a pleasure for everyone and it's only fair that these tasks be spread out as widely as possible, so if you would like to volunteer for 1, 2 or 20 tasks your efforts will certainly be appreciated. A couple of tasks each will spread things out fairly evenly. If you feel you can't volunteer for anything then that's fine too.

The Canterbury Faire 2021 Stewarding Team