Quiet places - time out at Faire

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on Sat, 01/09/2021 - 13:50


This year, we're setting aside two areas at Faire as quiet retreats, for anyone who needs some time out from the event, for whatever reason.

What is it? Who is it for?

Canterbury Faire is a wonderful, long, intense event.

Sometimes we need a while in modern clothes - because it's really hot, or we need to wash our garb and get it dry, or garb is suddenly unbearably itchy. Sometimes we need a nap when our bunkroom/campsite is full of noise. Sometimes after several days with a few hundred of our dearest friends, we just can't people for a while. Sometimes Faire would be soooo much nicer if we could take a day off in the middle. Sometimes the SCA is overwhelming, and quiet time with no special names/titles/language to remember is a relief. Sometimes we have to take work calls, or skype family overseas, in the middle of an event.

If you feel any of these things, or have some other reason to appreciate a quiet space, feel free to make use of these. 

In the retreats, you should feel free to:

  • wear modern clothes (or garb)
  • use modern things (computers, headphones, whatever) 
  • use the facilities (shower, bathrooms, beds, etc)


But please don't:

  • camp there overnight (unless pre-arranged with the stewards)/install yourself permanently
  • be possessive of the space
  • make it harder for other people to use in the intended way (so please adopt a quiet demeanour, and respect others' privacy)



Upstairs retreat:

The small standalone bunkroom just uphill from the upstairs carpark ("out the back" from the main hall/kitchen/bunk complex). In the past, royalty or stewards have often used these.

Downstairs retreat:

One of the brand-new bunkrooms, near the Tui lodges - the one closest to the stairs. 

Both will have signs so you can be certain you're going to the right room.


This is a new idea - we're going to try it out this year. If you have feedback, please send it to the CF stewards, or tell us during the event. In particular, we'd like to hear how this works FOR YOU (as opposed to how you think it might work for others) - is it useful? did it work? suggestions for improvement? 


Canterbury Faire Stewards, for 2021