All Comers Chorus

Wed, Jan 27 2021, 4 - 6pm
Contact person
Katherina Weyssin
Greetings, singers!
You are all invited, as always, to join the All Comers' Chorus.
The first principle of the Chorus is "More singing! Less wrangling!".
To that end - please send me your requests.
Suitable songs are
- written before 1600 (ish), or in a similar style
- suitable for part-singing
- well-known to at enough people to cover the parts and/or easy enough to sight-read
- freely available online - if not in a common song-book, please send a link
Songs requested for the Chorus - now updated to include everything we sang.
  1. Alle Psallite
  2. Laudemus (look for "Red book of Montserrat" to find music)
  3. Catch of the midnight cats
  4. Innsbruck
  5. Laudate
  6. O my heart
  7. Il Bianco
  8. Je ne l'ose dire
  9. Dona nobis pacem
  10. Sicut Cervus
  11. Quand je bois (sheet music here) (we couldn't manage this on the night,  but Julian and Katherina performed it at Half Circle Theatre, and we'll all learn it for next year)
  12. Come again
  13. The Owl
  14. A Round of Three Country Dances
  15. Riu riu chiu (sheet music here - lots of versions, I like the third one) (we couldn't manage this on the night, so we'll all learn it for next year)
  16. Triste Espana

Song books in common use in the Crescent Isles


An excellent source for music for part songs is the Choral Public Domain Library.

your servant,

Katherina Weyssin